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Visit to Tomsk representatives of UK-Russia Closed Nuclear Cities Partnership. dec, 02

On November 29 - December 2, 2005 representatives of UK-Russia Closed Nuclear Cities Partnership arrived for a visit to Tomsk to participate in the meeting of the Board of Trustees of Non-profit partnership Seversk Business Development Agency.
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Seversk Authorities Awards Service Medals to Veterans apr, 26

Service medals issued in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the victory in World War II have been awarded to over 1,000 Seversk veterans.
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Christmas vacation pupils from Beslan. feb, 8

Pupils from Beslan School N 1, seized by terrorists in September 2004, spent their Christmas vacation in Tomsk and Seversk.
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The Siberian group of chemical enterprises was established in accordance with the decree of Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1949. Initially it was created with the purpose of nuclear weapon components production in order to secure the country defense. Later, as a result of conversion, the enterprise became the leading producer of nuclear fuel for the purposes of nuclear energy.

Today, the SGCE is the biggest nuclear enterprise in the world. A unique complex of industries, which form the SGCE, has no analogues in other countries. It consists of 8 nuclear plants, cogeneration plant, research institute and a number of subsidiary services. The crew size is more than 15 thousand workers.

The major goal of the enterprise development in the future is to preserve its complexity. The nuclear technologies should be developed despite the discontinuance of working reactors, which were created, first of all, for the plutonium manufacturing. Because of this a special complex with 2 modern reactor types should substitute them, which would be suitable for the existing infrastructure and fully compensate the energy demands of Tomsk region and its neighbors.

The present day the SGCE pursues a policy of technical renovation, first of all it concerns the modernization of isotope separation plant.

Besides, the SGCE pays a great attention on the quality of its production. It is a necessity for the business activity on international markets. Managers of the SGCE are working hard at the development and certification of quality systems. The isotope separation plant was certified in the first instance, the sublimating plant.

A lot of long term programs are being realized at the SGCE, such as HEU-LEU. The realization of this project will be continued till 2012. Three major subdivisions are involved in this program.

There are also three new directions of technical development. First of all, it is a full cycle refinement of the natural uranium. Earlier, the activity was aimed at the production output in the form of low enriched uranium for the Russian nuclear energy and export. The beginning was laid at the radiochemical plant, where the reactor blocks were recycled and tetrafluoride was produced. Today the modernization of radiochemical plant equipment ensured the possibility to separate radioactive elements from the uranium as well as molybdenum, tungsten, etc. The SGCE has the full refinement complex: from natural uranium till low enriched uranium for the fuel elements production.

Another perspective development direction is the utilization of regenerated uranium, which is accumulated on a considerable scale in the world. In this sphere the SGCE is a unique partner for many foreign companies, such as COGEMA, BNFL.

The SGCE uses non-nuclear technologies. At the sublimating plant, using fluorine, different high-clean substances are produced: lithium salts, irreplaceable in the accumulators for all electronics. Also, such a valuable gas as nitric trifluoride is produced at the SGCE, which is necessary manufacturing component of modern electronics.

One more substituting production is a manufacture of new fuel types for the nuclear stations. For the chemical- metallurgical plant it is particularly urgent question: after completion of the weapons plutonium utilization program there will be a problem of unemployment among qualified personnel of the plant. The construction of MOX-fuel plant will solve this problem.

Today at the SGCE is worked out a special program of social-economic development till 2012. According to this program the SGCE has several goals: doubling of gross product output, maintenance of stable economic activity and dynamic growth, increase of commodity output, installation of substituting capacities, raise of the competitive capacities of its goods on foreign markets.

The further development will be based on cogeneration plant reconstruction, increase of isotope separation plant capacities, refinement of the regenerated fuel at the radiochemical plant, increase of the fluorine output at the sublimating plant, creation of new industries, such as construction of MOX-fuel plant, nitric trifluoride plant, and in prospect on building of nuclear station with 2 PWR reactors.

Kurchatova street, 1
636000, Seversk, Tomsk region, Russia
tel.: +7 (38242) 4-85-19
fax: +7 (3822) 72-44-46
http: www.shk.tomsk.ru

Other state-owned firms in Seversk include the State Design-Research Institute (VNIPIET) designing industrial and private structures.

Seversk works hard in private business development, and this work is beginning to bear fruit. For example, Seversk is currently home to 1,300 private firms. Approximately 10,000 of its residents are involved in private sector activities such as trade, construction, transportation and communications services, agriculture and food processing and household maintenance. In 2003, private enterprise accounted for a one-third of the city's tax base.

The following commercial activities are underway in Seversk:

  • Khimstroy, a construction firm building and renovating commercial and private property.
  • MSU-74 and PMM, erection and constructional production enterprises.
  • SSSRS, a plant for ship building, repair and re-equipment and freight traffic on the Ob' river and its tributaries.

At present, Siberian Groups of Chemical Enterprises (SGCE) is one of the world-biggest nuclear industry enterprises.

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SSSRS, Shipbuilding plant of Samus is a 125 years' history of ship building and mechanical engineering.

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Kommunistichesky prospect, 51
636000, Seversk, Tomsk region, Russia

tel.: +7 (3823) 77-38-26
fax: +7 (3823) 77-67-28

e-mail: info@seversknet.ru

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