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Visit to Tomsk representatives of UK-Russia Closed Nuclear Cities Partnership. dec, 02

On November 29 - December 2, 2005 representatives of UK-Russia Closed Nuclear Cities Partnership arrived for a visit to Tomsk to participate in the meeting of the Board of Trustees of Non-profit partnership Seversk Business Development Agency.
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Seversk Authorities Awards Service Medals to Veterans apr, 26

Service medals issued in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the victory in World War II have been awarded to over 1,000 Seversk veterans.
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Christmas vacation pupils from Beslan. feb, 8

Pupils from Beslan School N 1, seized by terrorists in September 2004, spent their Christmas vacation in Tomsk and Seversk.
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A Brief Overview of Seversk
(Officially name - Closed Administrative Territorial Formation - Town of Seversk)

Today Seversk offers a European Russian flavor with its elegant buildings, and modern transportation system. These characteristics are part of the enduring legacy of Soviet rule when secret nuclear cities like Seversk enjoyed ample federal benefits in exchange for their forced isolation from the outside world.

Seversk is situated along the right bank of the Tom River and has been inhabited since Neolithic times. The first major settlement was an monastery founded by monks of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1605. In 1663 it was transferred behind town walls because of the often nomad forays, and on the river bank remained the monastery squatting. Not far from this squatting soldier Ivan Beloborodov found Beloborodovo village known from archive documents since 1728. At the end of 19th century severs villages were established downstream the Tom River, Pesochki, Kizhirivo, Orlovka, Vilenka, Brosovka, Semiozerki and river transport worker community village Samus'.

The modern history of this nuclear town began with the founding in 1949 of so-called Installation (Ob'yekt) "Post box 5" (today known as Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises (SGCE) not in Russia but also abroad) . The installation owned and was responsible for all services contributing to its operations: human resources, supply, capital construction, even housing for its employees.

The town of Seversk itself was formed by federal decree in 1954. The "open" name and history of the town is inseparably connected with the history of the Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises (SGCE) . As it grew, the SGCE began to pass responsibility and ownership of its many support functions to the town. This process continues today.

The name went public only in 1992, when President Yeltsin allowed the nuclear cities to use their historical names. The town and territory occupied by SGCE comprises a 17633, 8 km2 area located in the south Tomsk region.

Seversk's market development efforts benefit from several existing factors. The town is served by rail and road and seasonally by river transportation. The nearest town is the regional capital Tomsk, approximately 15 km of Seversk along the Tom River. Tomsk is a major scientific and industrial center with a population of approximately 550,000. Similar to other Russian cities, Tomsk offers reliable Internet, telecommunications, banking and customs services. The airport in Tomsk is the regional hub offering daily service to Russia's capital Moscow as well as to several European Russian destinations.

Geography and Climate

The town of Seversk falls within the Tomsk Region The Tomsk region is characterized by a continental climate, meaning cold, prolonged winters, comparatively short, but warm summers, and transitional fall and spring seasons of short duration. The average January temperature varies slightly throughout the region, hovering near -20 C. Much colder temperatures (-45 C or lower) are rare, but not unheard of. The summer season begins in June and ends in August. The summers can be hot, with a high reaching 35 C at least once a season. On average, temperatures range from 23 to 28 C. The spring and fall seasons typically last for two months (spring: April-May, fall: September-October) and are characterized by drastic temperature fluctuations. An unusually warm late-April may be followed by a cold and snowy early-May. This type of surprising weather may happen in the fall as well.

Town Administration

  • Local governance processes in Seversk are considered among the most democratic, transparent, and efficient in Russia.
  • The local government in Seversk has considerable leeway in resource investment decisions
  • Political and social organizations in Seversk are commerce-friendly and support the allocation of town resources to encourage foreign investment

Entry Procedures for Foreign Visitors

  • Foreign visitors requesting entry into Seversk must receive official invitation by the local host entity.
  • The overall invitation/clearance process takes 45-days and requires formal approval from the Russian Agency of Atomic Energy
  • Town officials in Seversk are working with the federal government to streamline town access procedures for foreign visitors.


  • Wireless cellular, telecommunications, and pager communications are widespread in the region using GSM standard
  • Satellite connections are available in the region
  • Internet service is available in Seversk and plans are underway to increase the speed of access and number of providers
  • Academic institutions in Seversk are completely computerized, interlinked, and on-line. Work is currently underway to provide similar technological capabilities to all town administrative organizations


  • As a result of its military and industrial history, Seversk offers an advanced technological infrastructure
  • Seversk provides substantial office and warehouse space, stable electritown and municipal services, efficient transportation links within a market-friendly and well-governed environment. Seversk provides paved access to all industrial areas within the town and offers reliable rail service to the main arteries of Russia


  • The Tomsk region has an extensive modern transportation system
  • The town of Tomsk (15 km from Seversk) is a major town of the Tomsk Region serving as a hub for rail, road, river and air transport

Science and Academia

  • The Siberian Group of Chemical Enterprises (SGCE), the largest enterprise in Seversk employs 15,000 scientists, engineers, and technical specialists
  • The SGCE has supported several successful conversion projects
  • Excellent institutions of higher learning are located in Seversk and the Tomsk region

Welcome to our city!

Our city is one of the most beautiful and comfortable cities of Russia. There is the city that never stands still and is forever becoming.

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Based on 2004 statistics, 116 000 people live within the town limits of Seversk.

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Kommunistichesky prospect, 51
636000, Seversk, Tomsk region, Russia

tel.: +7 (3823) 77-38-26
fax: +7 (3823) 77-67-28

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